570A9117 (2)Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by!

My name is Kim Wideman and I am a Houston area transplant from the only place I had ever lived. Let’s just say, going from the flat, dry, you-only-have-a-tree-in-your-yard-if-you-plant-it, plains of West Texas to the 100 shades of green, forest trees everywhere, so-humid-your-windows-fog-up-in-your-house Northwest of Houston just proved to me something I already knew…

Texas is BIG y’all! This gave “climate change” all new meaning to this girl!

But, I’ve also had something else proven to me. The Lord is Faithful. There is no better way to see this in action than move someplace where your family knows no one. New neighborhood. New church. New people.

But, a familiar, faithful God was already here.

Hopefully, through this little blog, through my simple musings of this sometimes crazy life, I can remind myself often of how blessed I truly am. Undeservedly so. No matter where I am. 

And in that process, if my words are an encouragement to even just one person, then that is just the icing on this Texas girl’s cake. 


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