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My name is Kim Wideman & I am just a woman trying to navigate this whole mid-life thing. Some days I am rockin’ this role and other days…let’s just say it is rollin’ right over me. You might be able to tell from the accent (even in my writing) that I am a native Texas girl. I’ve lived almost my entire half century of life in the flat, dry, lived through haboobs, you-only-have-a-tree-in-your-yard-if-you-plant-it, plains of good ol’ West Texas. Well, other than the time five years ago our life was detoured to the Houston area followed by a further detour to the Florida Panhandle a few years after that and then a few months later the detour led us full circle back to West Texas. But these are stories for another day!

I can say I have learned more about myself in these last handful of years than I probably have my entire life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve proven to myself time and again that I am a very complex creature – some days I am able to take life in stride and other days, well…not so much.

But, I’ve also had something else proven to me. The Lord is Faithful. There is no better way to see this in action than move somewhere that your family knows no one. Then do it again somewhere else a few years later. Then – top it off by moving back to your hometown and realizing how hard it is to be in a place that feels completely familiar but completely foreign all at once.

Hopefully, through this little blog, at least one other woman reading this might have a thought on her hardest days in this ever changing life of “I’m not alone!” Or my favorite one right now in the middle of insane hormones and new wrinkles and gravity not being on my side being able to say, “Wow! So I’m not crazy!”

No. No sweet sister – you are definitely not crazy! This thing we are living called LIFE is what is a tad bit nutso! We just have to learn to live in it without losing our ever loving minds.

Join me? Let’s figure this out together!



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