Why I Don’t Like Orphan Sunday

I have had a desire all day to write about adoption. It possibly could be because today is Orphan Sunday or maybe because I have watched my Facebook page blow up in the best way with posts from sweet friends sharing their prayers for orphans around the world. Or most likely, it is because as I... Continue Reading →

Darkness to Hope

Ever since I allowed myself to write a few days ago, I have been extremely weepy.  I have cried more the last few days than I have in 8 months.  I am crying at everything.  Happy tears. Sad tears.  Just because tears, which are maybe really cleansing tears.  I am realizing I am feeling again.... Continue Reading →

Too long

My 5 year-old's reading lesson this week includes three new sight words...to, too, and two.  She understood the concept of two (the number) and to (in the direction of) pretty quickly.  It took a bit more to understand the word too.  Too - also or very.  As I was trying to give her examples of... Continue Reading →

And so it begins…

Every new endeavor always contains one thing ~ a beginning.  And this is exactly where I am.  The beginning of something new and exciting.  I have wanted to blog for a while now.  I am not really sure why.  I don't believe anything I have to say is any more important than what anyone else... Continue Reading →

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