Something’s Gotta Give

Sometimes you walk into a season of your life that calls you to make changes. My little family has been in a season of perpetual change it feels like since last spring. This last year has been so very wonderful for us in so many ways, and in others, so very hard. But, I know... Continue Reading →

Just stop it!

Women, if you don't have a solid circle of ladies you call friends ~ GET SOME! (And by solid I mean those ladies in your life that love the Lord deeply and are intentional in doing their best to rise above the things that are common to tear us down ~ gossip, back-biting, and comparing.)... Continue Reading →

No more lies!

It has been a very long time since I sat down to write my thoughts here. There is a reason for that, but today is not the time to even try to share those whys. Today, I simply want every woman I can reach¬†to hear me say this ~ You are beautiful! The importance of... Continue Reading →

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