A pull-apart cookie dough kinda girl

“Mommy, can we please bake cookies?  The kind where you have to mash them down with the rollie thing?”

This is what my six year old daughter asked me last Tuesday morning.

She was referring to homemade cookies rolled out with my wooden rolling pin.  I’m sad to admit I wondered how she even knew what this kind of cookie is, since she has never made them before.  She was referring to a rolling pin we had unfortunately never used together.  You see, I am of the “pull-apart cookie dough” life style.  If I bake cookies they are from store bought dough that comes out of a package.  You pull apart the square dough, plop them onto my cooking stone, and 12 minutes later, voila!  Fresh baked cookies!  Good enough for me.  But, maybe it shouldn’t be.

I stopped when she asked me this, and my first reaction was to say, “Not today honey.  We have so much to do, especially since Mommy just got out of the hospital and ‘lost’ a few days.”  I had just been home a little over 24 hours and felt the burden of making sure the kids completed their schoolwork, I get my work caught up from my work-from-home job, and conquered the list of household chores still waiting.

But that was not my answer.  Since I had just spent three days laying in a hospital bed reflecting on what is truly important, that was not my answer.

“You know what?  Let’s finish our math lesson and then we will bake homemade cookies!”  My sweet Hope’s eyes lit up.  Such a simple thing.  Such joy as a result.

So, I did what any pull apart cookie kinda girl does…I hit Google!  I googled the highest rated sugar cookie recipe I could find and then thought, “Let’s go crazy!  Let’s make icing, too!”

We gathered up all of the ingredients and was thrilled that we already had everything we needed.  And we baked cookies.

We worked together, Mother and Daughter, kneading the dough.  We talked and giggled while the dough chilled.  Hope picked out just one cookie cutter she wanted to use.  The Star.  She said we were making Sea Star cookies, in honor of the beautiful ocean she was able to see for the first time this past summer. I listened.  I found out how much she loves the ocean, just like me.  She chose blue food coloring for the icing.  Ocean blue.  We licked our fingers free from wonderful sweetness. She said we needed sprinkles.  Just because everything is better with sprinkles. She asked if we could take pictures of us making cookies.

As the last of the cookies were set aside for the icing to set, Hope wrapped her sweet little arms around me and said this was the “best day ever!”  She ran off to play, and as I stood in my kitchen watching her skip off, I began to weep.  Truly weep.

How many of these moments have I missed out on because I was “too busy?”  Because I was preoccupied.  Because my priorities were messed up.

As a Momma that works from home and homeschools my children, I am almost always with my kids.  But, how much of that time am I truly present?  How much of that time am I really there?

You know, there are absolutely times when it is necessary in today’s world to be a pull-apart cookie dough kinda girl.  But, I truly desire to be more of a “mash them down with the rollie thing” kind of mom.  One of these are quick, convenient, and less messy.  However, I think there is so much joy missed by that choice.

Thank you Lord, that you prompted me to say Yes.  Thank you for the blessings that came from choosing in that moment the more time consuming, harder to get to the reward, and definitely more messy route. Thank you for my reward of Joy!

And, thank you Lord for little brown-eyed girls and sparkly blue Sea Stars.

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  1. wise words to consider. I'm at the beginning of this parenting spectrum but there are days where I'm with Claire the entire day and I feel like I haven't really spent one minute with her. 😦 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Georgia, your words are the very reason why I wrote this. I have more of those days than I should. I see so many mothers today that truly desire living in the moment with their children, but so many times, 'life' gets in the way. It's time to be intentional, I believe, in my choices. I will be praying for Grace upon Grace for you and your sweet daughter's journey. You are such a good Momma!

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