My Titanic Moment

As I stood at my kitchen sink this morning, my eyes were drawn to a photo I have placed on the window sill from our 20th wedding anniversary trip with our family last summer. It shows our three kids on the beach with “Cayman 2012” scrawled in the sand in front of them. As I studied this familiar picture, I suddenly had a Titanic moment. No, not the tragic sinking part, but a flash from a scene in the movie.

Toward the close of the film (spolier alert!) there is a scene when Rose is at the end of her life and the camera pans over years and years worth of pictures, all representing a memory or event.  I started thinking about how each of the photos in my home represent an event or moment in time. I began walking around and looking at all of these captured moments, and I found myself starting to smile with tears in my eyes at each still shot.

The moment captured of our family when the judge declared Hope officially ours after a long journey.

The moment captured of my husband surrounded by our grandson and twin granddaughters while reading a book.

The moment captured of a sunset in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.

And then this one…


 The moment captured less than two months ago of my three kids sitting on a beach in front of the sea 

~ just being still. 

  Just being…in the moment. In the perfect, simple moment.

The older I get, the more I am realizing that life is truly about those simple moments. Sure, there is a time and place for the busy, for the work, for the necessary. But God designed us in a way to need a rest time, a stopping time, a time to reflect…a time to BE STILL and know that He is God. I think the reason I crave these moments more and more at this point in my life is because I realize it is in these moments of pause that not only do I get to experience the Grace of God profoundly, but He also reminds me of the good gifts He has given me.

A husband of 21 years that unashamedly loves me and will kiss me and hold hands with me, especially in front of our kids.

Beautiful children entrusted to me through marriage, birth, and adoption.

A stunning sunset that highlights the colorful palette of our Creator.

The deep, blue ocean that speaks to my soul in so many ways, roaring up and back again on the beach to remind me of His vastness and power.

Good gifts. Treasured moments. They are there, I just have to choose to slow down to see them.

I choose to rest in this…

“Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” ~ Psalm 116:7

I choose to be still and rejoice in the simple moments…

And I’ll also choose to make sure my camera is always ready at a moment’s notice ~ I never know when one of these moments will be my next sweet memory!

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