Do you think He can see me?

I look outside and see Hope standing on her tippie-toes perched on the highest possible point of her wooden play fort. She is looking straight up and waving her hands like crazy. I begin to worry that if she flaps those little 7 year old hands any harder she just might take flight. After watching her for several seconds, she stops and goes back to her rythym of sliding down, climbing up, sliding down, climbing up. I go back to my work.

About twenty minutes later I look up from my reports to see her doing the same exact thing again. As I walk to where she is, I also look up and see that there is a very small plane soaring high in the clouds. Hope realizes I am standing below her now and she says, “Momma, do you think he can see me?” But before I can respond she follows up the question with a statement. “I’m just not sure if he can.” Then she stops wildly waving, gives her arms a two second rest, and then resumes the waving again until the plane is out of sight.

This image of my daughter wildly waving to get the attention of someone so far above us that there was no humanly way possible for him to see her stuck with me throughout the day. And so did her words.

Do you think he can see me?

How often do I think these very same words about God? Oh, I would probably not say them out loud, but my actions are usually loud enough. How many times do I feel like I need to prove my love for the Lord through my deeds? How many times do I hope that what I have done for Him was good enough to be acknowledged, and approved of, by Him? Far, far too often.

I have been a follower of Christ for almost nineteen years. I am still learning, and actually just now truly beginning, to grasp what Grace really is. I don’t have to work harder, be better, or serve more to have Jesus “see me.”

He saw me on that cross over two thousand years ago. That is enough. He is enough.

He sees me every moment of every day, loving me patiently, correcting me gently, and sustaining me always.

I may not always feel like He can see me, but that is my faulty, human perception. My King sees me! He loves me and is teaching me to find full Joy resting in His Grace!

A Grace that sees you, too. We should all be able to find sweet rest in that truth.

“Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” ~ Romans 5:1-2


Oh, and one last thing…for the record, I am very thankful I don’t have to stand on my tippie-toes on the wooden fort flapping my arms like crazy to have Him see me. I bet my neighbors are, too!

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  1. Always enjoy reading your post!!! So blessed that His love for me isn’t based on what he sees me do or not do. Love you sister!!

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