White slip-covered couches. Tall swings from hundred year old oak trees.¬†Wrap around front porches. Shuttered windows. Scent of the salt air from the ocean. I dream. I sigh. This dream of mine could be ironically funny to those who know me best, considering I have lived in the flat, dry plains of West Texas almost... Continue Reading →

My Titanic Moment

As I stood at my kitchen sink this morning, my eyes were drawn to a photo I have placed on the window sill from our 20th wedding anniversary trip with our family last summer. It shows our three kids on the beach with "Cayman 2012" scrawled in the sand in front of them. As I... Continue Reading →

Do you think He can see me?

I look outside and see Hope standing on her tippie-toes perched on the highest possible point of her wooden play fort. She is looking straight up and waving her hands like crazy. I begin to worry that if she flaps those little 7 year old hands any harder she just might take flight. After watching... Continue Reading →

Full hearts still hurt

A well-meaning mom asked me the other day this question. "How could you send your oldest son around the world at only 19 years old for six months!? I could never do that!" I truly hope my face did not convey what my mind was thinking because if it did I am sure the expression... Continue Reading →

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